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septival is a mainly self-taught, multifaceted artist (or polyartist).


As a singer, writer and composer, he creates genu-ine, realistic songs on rarely-addressed subjects. A true jack-of-all-trades, he is in turn writer, compo-ser, arranger, musician, lead and background singer, then screen writer, cameraman (except, of course, when he is on screen himself), cutter, press attaché (and even IT-support, by necessity).

Having taken drama classes in his early years, septival has since then taken part in many shows, including musical ones. His taste for vaudeville has broadly inspired him as a playwright, and two of his plays have been performed to date by Les Entractés in 2019 and 2023.


Somewhat whimsical, he is also the creator and leading citizen of Sverdia, a country which he has imagined in many details, ranging from its geogra-phy to the local idiom and national anthem. Thanks to this unique knowledge, he proclaims himself the 'best sverdologist in the world', a distinction he can obviously not be denied. He sometimes even mis-uses his powers to stand in for Sverdian journalists and publish articles in praise of himself in local newspapers!

'I would call myself a singing sverdologist with some acting skills'

septival, polyartist

'... or the other way round'

septival, polyartist, in an afterthought

© septival 2023

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