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Pas l'Ombre d'un doute

septival is a world-famous artist in his own country, Sverdia, where he has been singing both in French and Sverdian (the local idiom) for many, many years. He is now trying to make a name for himself in Switzerland, where he has settled.

His poetic-realistic songs often tackle unaddressed themes, be it in a humorous way (social networks in "B(r)ouillon de culture", turning fourty in "39,99") or from a more serious perspective (the state of the planet in "La Complainte de la Terre", encounters of a lifetime in "Pas l'Ombre d'un doute"). The simple, well-chosen words and rhythmic perfection of his lyrics speak for themselves. 

Whether electronic or acoustic, his music ranges from an airy style ("Peut-être", "Aux Amis d'autrefois") to faster beats ("Je t'attends", "Les Jaloux"). It is shaped to support the words precisely.

septival's 3-tracks album "Je t'attends", directed by Christophe Duc and his amazing team, was released in 2012; "Des vagues à l'âme", conceived by the artist himself, followed two years later. septival has since then posted several songs on his YouTube channel, and is planning to compile all these tracks on a single LP.

La complainte de la Terre

'We miss septival so dearly here in Sverdia'

Sverdia's Income Tax Department 

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