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'septival is definitely the greatest sverdologist of all times'


septival himself

Sverdology - a fascinating science

Studying the Sverdian language, culture and civilisation may be septival's absolute specialty, it is nevertheless accessible to anyone, young or old. Sverdia is an island state which, unfairly enough, is totally absent from any dictionary - a real pity given the many amazing features it offers.

How fascinating to find out about its motorway-numbering rules, for instance; how moving to contemplate the timetable of the train line connecting St Florine with the Vedenese Plateau; and how exciting to learn Sverdian, whose fifty-two letter alphabet makes it childishly easy to write!

Icing on the cake, the seven-days weather forecast by Sverdie Météo or this week's special offers at TRels food stores will satisfy even the most hard-to-please sverdophile.

Sverdia also exports some of its craftsmanship, notably its beautiful greeting cards, city and underground maps, as well as the songs produced by its most famous singer: septival.

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Listen to septival's interview in Sverdian language (with French subtitles)

Read an article about septival and Sverdia published on 13.1.2014 in La Tribune de Genève (in French)

'Sverdian is about to supersede Esperanto as a global link language'

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